The Art of Seth T. Hahne

Churchdoodles from 2013 Onward

It's no secret that I'm not great with monologue. Whether speeches or sermons or lectures, unless it's straight narrative, my mind will have wandered irrevocably within maybe five minutes. It's not even the fault so much of the speaker (though to be fair, contemporary monologue is fraught with padding and reiteration, two things that stultify my mind with alacrity. So over the years I developed a technique through which I can pay attention by dividing my attention. I do this through drawing. Not drawing anything too intricate. Just something mindless.

At my church, my kids get to bring in bags of crayons and some trimmed-down sheets of paper (provided by the church). After years of not realizing what a boon I had at my fingertips, I finally started making use of my kids crayons. It's always a bit of a mixed bag as I never know what colours they'll get this week. I make due. Generally, I think our sermons last about 35 minutes or so. I tend to work on these churchdoodles for about that duration. Sometimes I'll finish early and try desparately to remain attentive. And sometimes that works.