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A Cold Day in October

An Inktober Comics Celebration

Inktober 2014: Day 1

On 1 October 2014, I saw people begin posting drawings for Inktober 2014. Inktober is an annual celebration supplanting October with a challenge to artists and illustrators. Each day of the month, creators draw something. Using genuine ink and genuine paper. Especially for those of us accustomed to illustrating in digital formats, the temporary return to physical media can be exciting.

Anyway, I decided on October 1 to take part myself. So I took a sheet of 11" x 15" paper and drew a little mountain in a 2" x 2" square in the corner. This way I could do all my little drawings on a single sheet and wouldn't that be neat. A friend, Cameron, saw the mountain drawing and asked if I would be doing a comics story. I said No and Of course not. And then I thought Wouldn't that be something?

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Inktober 2014: Quarter for Scale
A quarter for scale!

So I sat down, and within a half hour, I thumbnailed a 31-panel story based off that mountain. Each day in October 2014, I revealed the next episode in the story. Here's the whole thing (click a panel to enlarge and begin navigation):

Inktober 2014: Day 1                               

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