The Art of Seth T. Hahne

Give Help Thanks

written by Austin Wilson, illustrated by Seth T. Hahne, and lettered by DC Hopkins

Back in March, Austin asked if I'd be up for illustrating a one-page comic (that DC Hopkins would letter) and asked what I'd like to draw. I said maybe something broody, rickety, monsters optional, monsters of the human spirit even better. Couple weeks ago, he sent me the script for this: Give Help, Thanks!

I like that there's layers to it. The overt betrayal of trust for the sake of a monster, the inherent objectification and othering when dudes see a girl in distress and what that means for protagonist motives, and then the political bite on white progressives happily advocating for POC causes but how that's often secondary to securing their own needs/desires/dreams (regardless of those needs/dreams/desires' legitimacy).