The Art of Seth T. Hahne

A Rainy Day Love Song

A comic by Seth T. Hahne

This is just a little quick one I raced to put together for my family. On Valentine's Day 2014, I knew I wanted to do something for my wife and two young kids. I was at Starbucks. It was 1: 30pm. I had a 4" x 4" booklet of blank pages that I prepared in the minutes before leaving work at 1:15. I had 'til 4: 30pm to come up with something. This was my result. I finished with ten minutes to spare.

A week after the family got to enjoy it, I scanned the book and posted it online. Rainy Day Love Song was popular enough that I went back and redrew the pages, taking my time. The new and improved version is purchasable here:

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If you would like to read scans of the original, I've displayed them below.