The Art of Seth T. Hahne

Seth T. Hahne

An artist's depiction Seth T. Hahne as an infant

An artist's depiction of Seth T. Hahne as an infant.

Seth T. Hahne is an artist, author, comics creator, designer, and writer based in Orange County, CA. He grew up around the craft fair scene in Laguna Beach, where his father made a living on pottery and Chinese brush painting (and even a fusion of the two). While he's been employed as a web designer since January 1999, he spends his evenings and weekends writing and drawing.

Like probably 96% of creatives, he's nearly finished with his first novel. He's been nearly finished for years now. He blames his children. Additionally, he writes comics and graphic novel reviews on his online resource, Good Ok Bad. His style is a mix of memoir and low-brow lit-crit. Some people appreciate it.

Most of his artistic instincts these days are spent on the regular magazine illustrations. Since 2014 Hahne has been producing comics for a variety of audiences, from adult adults to young children.

Hahne does not sleep much. Neither does he usually speak in the third person.

Hahne is pronounced Hah-knee. Like Haha, you're laughing and then KNEE! Ha-knee. Hahne. It rhymes with tawny. Which surprisingly is the adjective most often used to describe him.

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