The Art of Seth T. Hahne


An Inktober comic by Seth T. Hahne

2017 was a tough year. Coming off a long recovery from shoulder surgery, I hadn't done any comics in ages. In March, I had an idea for a graphic novel so set out and wrote a script for ~250 pages and thumbnailed the whole thing. Really rough thumbnails. Right at the end of that process, I got a bad concussion and lost the next six weeks. Not just six weeks of productivity but also of memory. By the time, months later, that I was able to return to the book, my chicken scratched thumbnails made little sense and my memory loss had affected my understanding of what I'd written. I wouldn't be able to do that book without substantial reinvention That was deflating so, stuck in a funk, I didn't do anything. Then I had a surgery on my foot to remove a rare tumour. That plus moving plus having a new baby all meant that, production-wise, 2017 was kind of a wash.

Not wanting the entire year to be a blank spot, I decided basically on September 30th that I would write and draw a 31 panel/page comic for Inktober. One page per day for the month of October. So the evening of the 30th, I wrote a script and gave myself a plan. As I write this, it's the early hours of October 4th and I've got four pages done. I'll continue to post a new page every day. Hope you'll enjoy this weird little story.