The Art of Seth T. Hahne

Ghost Towns

An Inktober comic by Seth T. Hahne

October 1st rolled around again and October—for the last several years—has meant Inktober to me. Last year for Inktober I created the wild autobiographical comic meditation on fear, Nostalgia. October kind of crept up on me so I didn't have anything particular in mind, but that morning of the 1st, I sat in a Starbucks and thought, "I should do another comic." I flipped through my doodlebook for inspiration and saw a drawing of Moby Dick. 40 minutes later, I had the full script for this story, Ghost Towns. And a half hour after that, I had the whole thing thumbnailed. I used a mix of pen (Micron Graphic 1) and ink (using OAS Best Bottle Ink and an OAS Happy Dot brush for the first half and an OAS Mountain Horse brush for the latter).